Shahab Azim has built the core foundation of his real estate practice on diligence, superior service, confidentiality, professionalism, and on putting the clients’ needs first.

The result is client satisfaction!

Are you looking for a Realtor in Toronto? Shahab Sean Azim has been working in Toronto and GTA as a Real Estate Agent, and has the qualifications and the experience to help you sell or buy properties in Toronto, GTA, and Ontario.

Now you can find over 1000 listings. You can choose what you want. Is it a house in Toronto? One in North York or Durham Region? Or are you looking for a Condo in Mississauga?  when you are ready, call your Local Toronto Real Estate Agent S. Azim!


Sean Azim Listings for 2011

  • Sold for 99% of asking price MLS#: N2078112 in Ontario, Markham Address: 44 Pamgrey Rd

  • Sold in 8 Days MLS#: W2038323 in Ontario, Caledon Address: 14 Astoria Pl

  • Sold 4 Days MLS#: N2045662 in Ontario, Richmond Hill Address: 185 Oneida Cres Lph01

  • Sold in 19 days MLS#: W2059354 in Ontario, Brampton Address: 30 Willick Pl

  • Sold for 99% of asking price MLS#: W2083199 in Ontario, Milton Address: 956 Donnelly St

  • Sold for 99% of asking price MLS#: X2085837 in Ontario, Bracebridge Address: 29 Catherine Cres

  • Sold in 7 days MLS#: N2089790 in Ontario, Bradford Address: 112 Simcoe Rd 209

  • Sold in 3 days MLS#: W2099581 in Ontario, Toronto Address: 245 Dalesford Rd 310

  • Sold for 99% in 5 days MLS#: W2169744 in Ontario, Mississauga Address: 3301 Gumwood Rd

  • For Sale MLS#: X2170275 in Ontario, Owen Sound Address: 1827 3rd Ave E

  • Sold for 97% in 18 days MLS#: W2168350 in Ontario, Toronto Address: 155 Legion Rd 403

  • For Sale MLS#: X2174609 in Ontario, Victoria Harbour Address: 83 Duckworth St

  • Sold for 98% of asking price in 17 days MLS#: W2176087 in Ontario, Mississauga Address: 1259 Godwick Dr

In today's market the purchase or sale of real estate in Toronto is extremely complex which without the right expertise could result in unsuccessful endeavor for the clients.

Each day brings growing opportunity to increase business in current as well as newly emerging markets. To capture that market share you have to get the right kind of attention. You must also deliver a relevant sales experience to your potential customer. I listen and effectively respond to your needs, and I am an expert at translating those needs into reality.

Should You Buy or Sell First?
For homeowners aiming to sell their home and buy another, it's the classic real estate, which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Question - buy or sell first? If you sell first, you may find yourself under a tight deadline to find another house, or be forced in temporary quarters. If you buy first, you may be saddled with two mortgage payments for at least a couple months. You may need the money from the sale of your original home in order to pre-qualify for a loan for your new home. You may be facing a job relocation and need to sell quickly.


Call Shahab Sean Azim today your Toronto Real Estate Agent!

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